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Auxilium [AID] is an immersive-play, not-for-profit humanitarian-aid organization striving to be the Red Cross equivalent within the Star Citizen Universe. Auxilium distinguishes itself by providing search, rescue, and medical services free of charge with the proactive intelligence led approach of assessing, monitoring, and providing key information to our volunteers in an attempt to reduce risk to said pilots and those we serve.

As of now, most of our members come from varying degrees of gaming background. Regardless of this, all hold the same passion to help those in need and see our mission succeed. We hope that our efforts now and in the future will deepen the Star Citizen experience and lead to countless fun memories for those we interact with.

Lastly, we believe the role of humanitarian-aid in the persistent universe is one of selflessness and stewardship. It is a role of rescuing those in dire circumstances. A role that will pay little to nothing, but reward much all at the same time. Our provocation is that what we do will challenge players to go to brave extents to help one another; and on the other end, challenge the moral compass of those that would harm rescuers.

The role of Auxilium is simple yet challenging:

To save lives.


The intentions of Auxilium are stipulated below.

Vision Statement
To Aid The Despaired

Mission Statement
While adhering to our principles, serve and apply ourselves to the best of our ability for those who would need help.

Below are the guiding principles that Auxilium will embody.
Do No Harm

Auxilium, born of a desire to bring assistance without discrimination to the wounded within the ‘Verse, endeavors—in its operational capacity—to prevent and alleviate human suffering wherever it may be found. Its purpose is to protect life and health and to ensure respect for the human being. It promotes mutual understanding, friendship, cooperation and lasting peace amongst all peoples.

(I.E. – We will not take aggressive actions or attack anyone unless they attack us.)

Act in Good Faith

When Auxilium is called to aid someone, it’s understandable that victims are in a vulnerable situation. Auxilium will not take advantage of your dire predicament. The verse is dangerous and all cargo has a value, but Auxilium has no interest in your belongings and Auxilium will not take advantage of you.

(I.E. – We would not rescue a derelict pilot, just so we can raid his/her cargo for profit.)

Act in the Patient’s Best Interests

Perhaps you’re new to the sector, maybe you’ve made enemies across the verse. It happens. Whether you need rescuing in space or evacuation from a planet, we are going to assist you as best as possible. When you get dropped off, we will do what we can to avoid placing you in hostile space.

(I.E. – Once we rescue someone, like a pirate, it does not help to go to the nearest UEE outpost.)