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The roles within Auxilium are the lifeblood of this organization. They make up the operations in all of their facets and ensure that we approach each scenario with our best foot forward. The volunteers within Auxilium are trained in all roles, so they can seamlessly adapt to the possible ever changing mission at hand. The roles listed are considered “Team Volunteer” level responsibilities within Auxilium. Roles with more responsibility exist but are not listed here and are attained with further training.  

Search and Rescue (acronym SAR) is an operation mounted by emergency services, often well-trained volunteers, to find someone believed to be in distress, lost, sick or injured either in a remote or difficult to access area.

Search and Rescue is the core effort within Auxilium. This means all volunteers within Auxilium will know how to properly save an individual and/or crew if the need arose.  SAR Volunteers are trained in and regularly practice the competencies required to effectively and safely rescue stranded individuals in both escape pods, eva suits, and heavily incapacitated vessels (non-repairable). Once rescued, SAR Volunteers are to safely (if possible) provide individuals and/or crew safe return to a neutral destination.

While the service of saving a life in the Persistant Universe will be slightly different to each organization, the above explanation sums it up for the most part. Within Auxilium, we focus on the experience both for the volunteers as well as the victim in need of rescue. We will strive to provide an experience that is impactful and moving, one that will be remembered by all that participate. We hope the satisfaction of saving a life will be given to those individuals who rescue; and the happiness of surviving a trying time will be given to the individuals who were rescued. This entire experience is further emboldened by the Star Citizen mechanics titled, "The Life and Death of a Spaceman" and "Healing your Spacemen".

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Below are specific roles within each operation.

RECONNAISSANCE The Reconnaissance Role focuses on retrieving information about the victim, his/her ship, the environment both are in, and investigating the surrounding area for the potential for hostile contacts. This role requires discipline as they are to avoid both combat and medical assistance. Reconnaissance is the search in SAR and the forewarning of any danger if it presents itself during the operation.  

MEDICALThe Medical Role focuses on retrieving the patient / victim in a safe and timely manner. They will also be tasked with keeping the patient alive and in stable condition if possible on route to the nearest hospital. Medical is the rescuer in SAR and the ones keeping the victim alive.

SECURITY The Security Role focuses solely on protecting those assigned to the Medical Role and the victims. They will be trained to engage while adhering to our ROE (Rules of Engagement) and ultimately well versed in non-lethal combat tactics both in space and planetside. Security are the bulwarks, guarding with their lives those in need.