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Auxilium agrees to use funds donated to the organization to further the effectiveness of the organization itself. This includes the purchasing of personnel equipment, ship equipment, and ship hulls. The items purchased via Auxilium will be used for organizational purposes only and will not be for personal use by volunteers.

Zero Profit

Auxilium is a not-for-profit organization. We believe saving lives should never have a price tag attached to it.

Illegal Activities

Auxilium does not condone the partaking in illegal activities from its volunteers under most circumstances. We will however, allow volunteers to break regional laws if it will directly save a life.

Rules of Engagement

Auxilium strictly abides by the Defend with Non-Lethal weapons only rules of engagement. This restricts all Auxilium Volunteers from killing under any situation while on an Auxilium mission or while Auxilium is set as the volunteer’s main organization . If any volunteer is found violating the Rules of Engagement, an investigation will be made and if found guilty; the volunteer will be swiftly removed from Auxilium pending on trial outcome.

Aiding All

Auxilium will rescue any and all individuals in danger regardless of species, faction, or criminal record.



Volunteers of Auxilium will avoid public confrontation and internal arguments as not only does it show you in a poor light, but also the organization.

Age/Maturity Policy

Auxilium has no place for rude, disrespectful, and dishonorable individuals. We encourage individuals who strive for a drama-free environment and if any volunteer is found causing social chaos within or outside of Auxilium; leadership may vote to place you on a community trial.


All volunteers are to act friendly and courteous in all internal and external situations. Show kindness, be patient, and be understanding. Lastly, we have zero tolerance for racism, sexism, or any other type of prejudice. Be mature folks!

Gameplay Hours

While some of us will be putting in quite a few hours, we by no means expect anyone to do the same. We espouse a “Real Life First” principle and fully believe in it. Never sacrifice your real life responsibilities for Star Citizen. Auxilium will never force anyone into operations they do not wish to partake in.

Multi-Org Policy

Volunteers within Auxilium are allowed to join as many organizations as they so wish, as long as those said organizations do not partake in illegal activities. Volunteers in leadership roles are encouraged to focus on Auxilium but will not be discouraged in joining other organizations.

Timezones / Nationality

We welcome all players from around the world to volunteer within Auxilium. We are an organization that strives for worldwide coverage. Currently we operate with 80% of our volunteers from the Americas, 23% from Europe, and 9% from Oceania/Asia.