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Please read carefully so you will have a better understanding of Auxilium. We hope this will lead you to making a better and more informed decision on whether or not to join.

Would Auxilium be a good fit?

Real life is the top priority!
We all have real life, and while some of us might have more obligations than others, we highly encourage our members and volunteers alike to live full lives just as much out of game as in game. In saying this, it is ultimately your decision to play Star Citizen as much (or as little) as you'd like.. but while in this community, do not be surprised if individuals need to leave at a moments notice (usually at the inconvenience of the organization) to deal with real life responsibilities. If you have little patience for this, Auxilium might not be the best place for you.

You are not afraid of PVP (Player vs Player).
In Auxilium, the process of saving individuals in distress will undoubtedly lead to confrontations with opposing real player forces. While we have a strict ROE (Rules of Engagement) and we will be considered passive, there will be a lot of tense PVP moments to be had while flying with us.

You can THINK first, before acting.
In Auxilium, we adhere to a strict ROE (Rules of Engagement). More often than not, you will find yourself in very tense combat scenarios with real players.. you will want to fully engage in self defense, but our ROE will prevent you from doing so. The reasoning behind this is to uphold our ideals as an organization that aids all, no matter the banner they fly. Those players firing upon you, might someday be the individuals you rescue.

Why join?

Be Apart Of Something Great
You will find that whether you've interacted with us, volunteered, or fully joined the Auxilium ranks.. we truly believe in the vision set for this organization. Being involved within AID, you will find yourself building a great legacy, not only for yourself but for everyone around you in game.

A Close-Knit Community
One thing we really want to strive to develop is a long lasting close knit community amongst the membership, volunteers, and those around us outside of AID. We want to be able to provide an environment to make life long friends, just as much as a place for lots of Star Citizen fun.

The Works
Discord, Website, Twitter, and ORG 2.0 on it's way.. we have the framework all in place for you to have a great experience within Star Citizen. We also plan to partake in the many phases of alpha and beta testing prior to the release of Star Citizen. In the meantime, when time is available, if not on Arena Commander or the Alpha PU, you can usually find us playing ARMA 3 or Planetside 2 in dedicated medical support roles.

How do I join Auxilium?
Joining Auxilium is a commitment to a great calling, we are glad you are interested in becoming apart of this unique journey!
To apply please do the following:
1) Go to our ORG Page and read everything.
2) Hit apply to join and please read the introductory text. COPY AND PASTE the questionnaire and answer it to the best of your ability.
3) Once you've completed your application, go to our dedicated forums(Discord), register, and introduce yourself!

Once this is done, we will get back to you very shortly about your application!

Is Auxilium Pacifist?
1) opposition to war or violence as a means of settling disputes; specifically : refusal to bear arms on moral or religious grounds.
2) an attitude or policy of nonresistance

To put it plain and simple, Auxilium is heavily influenced by this ideal. What sets us apart from pure Pacifism is the idea that we will engage to protect rescuer as well as the rescued. We hold to a very strict ROE, where we will do everything in our power to resolve conflict without the use of violence. In that, our idea of "violence" will not be the killing of the hostile pilot and/or crew. We will disable hostile vessels at the extremes, but again.. will do everything in our power to not see that occur.

In the scenario one of our vessels are boarded, it will be along the same lines as ship to ship combat. Incapacitate but don't kill ie - Shoot to Stun. At the very core of our ideals is to never kill, even in the most dire of circumstances.

What is "Immersive-Play?"
Immersive-Play is our way of saying, we immerse ourselves in the operation we are partaking in.. but don't go fully RP in what we do. We encourage folks who like to roleplay to do as they so wish, as many of us do have that background as well. But Immersive-Play is more along the lines of what you'd find in MilSim PC games like Arma 3 Multiplayer.

How do I join the roles listed?
Joining a role isn’t necessarily an action taken once a volunteer with Auxilium.  All volunteers are trained to do all roles within the organization. When the time comes for operation prep, you can ask the Team Leader, for example, if you can pilot the ship or be the rescuer.  Some volunteers will be highly skilled in a particular role, which will find them mostly operating within that field for most operations, but regardless even he/she will be capable of doing any of the other roles.

What are the punishments for engaging in criminal activity?
Punishments for engaging in criminal activity under our banner is on a case by case basis. Sometimes doing the right thing will fall under illegal activity according to UEE law. While murdering someone will obviously be seen in a very negative light within our community. We can safely assume that if you engage in Piracy and/or the cold blood murder of individuals with the 'Verse, you will be stripped of your title as a member and/or volunteer of Auxilium.

Am I able to join multiple organizations? (or work for myself?)
Yes, only if the organizations you are working for or are apart of are law-abiding and not affiliated with any criminal elements within the 'Verse. If you are working for yourself, more or less the same rule applies.. make sure you aren't doing illegal work!

Will I be trained?
Very much so! We have already started training lessons on how to respond and coordinate a rescue effort with multiple Auxilium ships. We will later train members in the core competencies of basic flight, basic EVA rescue procedures, ect ect. When you join Auxilium, you will be in good hands.

Why doesn't Auxilium charge for its services?
We believe that saving a life shouldn't have a price tag. Simple as that.

Will you be participating in Operation Pitchfork?
We will indeed be participating in Operation Pitchfork, as a dedicated SAR presence. What ships we will be using for the series of operations remains to be seen at this time.